You may not know her name but you definitely know her work that has beautified the pages of Elle, Rolling Stone, Black Book, The Face, Oyster, People, Seventeen, and Shape to name a few. One of LA's foremost up and coming makeup artists, Charlene’s intuitive, avant-garde style has quickly made a notable impression in the fashion world. Although Charlene's love for color, fashion and make-up stems from childhood, she did not originally set out to become a make-up artist. Her passion for creativity first led her to study art and design at the University of North Texas. It was when she moved to Los Angeles that she discovered her natural talents for working with colors to bring out naturally beautiful, glowing skin.

Inspired by the creativity, she took her career to London and worked closely with Hermione Ross, creative director of Jive Records. Charlene created looks for UK artists, such as Shanks & Bigfoot and Bridget Neilson, as well as assisting on shows for artists such as Sam Bryant.

Continuing to travel the world on assignment, Charlene calls New York her home base at the moment. Allowing film celebrities Kirsten Dunst, Selma Blair, Rose McGowen, Shannon Elizabeth, Carmen Electra and Adrian Brody, as well as music stars Perry Ferrell, The Rolling Stones, and Snoop Dogg to get the “Charlene” touch. She has collaborated with designers for shows such as Maurice Malone and has assisted artists like Aaron DeMey and Raphael Pita. She has also worked with photographers like George Lange, Sam Jones and Mike Owen to name a few.

Charlene continues to draw inspiration collaborating with designers, living life, and keeping her finger on the fashion pulse in New York and in the City of Angels.